Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't think too hard about what's in the pool...

Last night I went to the pool for my Saturday night swim.  Yes, I swim Saturday evenings.  Then come home and go to bed.  I live an exciting life, and I know you are jealous.  ;)

Except this Saturday I didn't swim, because the lane pool was closed.  Because...  somebody had pooed in the pool.

Yeah.  It happens.  And you know what?  In another day, I'll be back in that pool regardless.  How's that for standards?

You just can't think too hard about what goes in the pool.  At least when there's visible poo, they know they need to add chemicals and do whatever they do.  Don't think too hard about all the unshowered people and toddlers in diapers.  Or the clumps of hair and other floaties.

Thank goodness for chlorine.

And some people get freaked out by swimming in open water where there's weeds...


  1. Stuff like this makes me so mad though....I mean seriously people? They closed my community pool for the same thing this year, first it was poo, then it was glass. Both were the result of mindless teenagers. Anyway, you are right though. There is so much crap (literally) in a pool, we probably just wouldn't really want to know.

  2. If I put that on my blog I'd have some readers dry heaving, and in one particular case they'd lose their latest meal. Mind you, she gets grossed out by seeing hair in the pool.

    I try not to think about it. I'd build the pools so that it's impossible to get from the change room to the pool unless you completely immerse yourself in a foaming warm pool filled with cleansers. Sort of like those car wash buffer wheels only underwater. So at least people have had the top layer of filth scrubbed off. I've stopped people heading into the pool, bone dry, and reminded them to take a shower.

    One of the things you can take comfort in is that there are very strict standards for pool water. That's why they sample many times a day, and adjust the chemical concentrations as needed. Still, I don't think they should be letting in anyone that needs to be wearing a diaper. Or maybe they should put them in a pool with a different water system.

    Weeds are fine, though I don't much like them. I tried really, really, REALLY hard not to think about what was in the water at Great White North.

  3. Gross!! I am hoping it was a kid/baby who didn't know any better!