Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Remember Deb Shrinks? I never finished that journey.

Life is a series of journeys.  Some are short and quick.  Others take years.  Like my ironman quest.  From deciding to do a triathlon to doing an ironman, it will take me four years.  Then there's my weight loss journey, the one that started this blog.  The one that you haven't heard about for ages.  And, the one that is not yet over.

I lost 45 pounds.  That's a great accomplishment, but it's not the end.  I am no longer obese, but I am still overweight.  There are countless things I can now do that I couldn't before, but my weight is still holding me back.

I want to be faster.  I want to keep running until I'm 80 (my chances of that are much better if I take some of the stress off my body now).  I want to climb hills better on my bike.  I want my legs to stop rubbing so much when I run.  I want to like my finishing photos.  I want to wear some of the smaller sized clothes hiding away in my closet.  I want to keep up with my kids.  I want more.

And, to get more, I'm going to have to weigh less.

You know how people say they want to do something and then put it off till tomorrow?  Well, I'm kind of going to do that.  I've got an important race in three days and I'm not going to throw myself into a calorie deficit right before it.  What I am going to do right away is get ready.  Pay attention to what I'm eating and keep it clean.  Get the right foods in my house and the wrong ones out.  Pick some favourite recipes.  Keep myself well hydrated - good for the upcoming race too!

This blog will never go back to being all about weight loss.  I've come to far now, and like I said, I want more.  It will, however, cover the topic again.  I will get myself down to a healthy weight, and then an optimal (for me) racing weight.


  1. I like reading about all aspects of your life and was a fan of Deb Shrinks! I'll enjoy reading about your weight loss journey again and will offer encouragement as well! You are so right - the less we weigh, the greater our stamina! I don't run, but I sure see it in my hiking/biking!!

  2. I think I could have written this post...I really want to find what it takes to lose some more weight. If I continue on as I have I will be moving in the wrong direction. And I know that dropping some pounds is the key to getting faster.