Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I GET to run

Today, I did my regular Tuesday routine: Drop Spud off at preschool, take Sweetpea to her preschool (different location), then go for a run.  Sometimes I go back and park at Spud's preschool and run from there.  Sometimes, I go home and run.  I was just doing 12 km (7.5mi) today, so I headed home.  I figured I had a bit of extra time, and might be able to grab a shower before picking the kids up.

As it was, I puttered around a bit, and realized I'd eaten up my shower time, but I could still get in the run, so I headed out.  It was a beautiful fall day.  The leaves have all changed colour, and I'm going to make a point to get some pictures this week.  I could smell autumn in the air.  As I ran along, I noticed a bunch of these guys on and beside the pathway.

Image Source
There were TONNES of them.  I started counting them and got to 20 in about a minute.  I stopped though, because I was bored with it.  Plus, I didn't need a distraction.  I was having a great run.  Then it was up to the bridge and over the river.  Running along the other side, and through the trees.  It felt great, and I had a solid rhythm.  Then it was time to turn around.  When runs are hard, you sometimes need those waypoints.  Something to let you know you've hit a milestone.  It wasn't like that today.  I turned around only because that was where I needed to be for my mileage, and I had to be home in time to go get the kids.

The run back was great too.  I still remember when 12 km was a really long run.  Now, it's not even my longest run.  It's a mid-week medium distance run.  When I got to the end, I sprinted the last bit and finished strong.  I didn't run super fast over all, but my final kilometer was at about a 5k race pace.

Sometimes, if you're going through a tough patch you feel like you have to run.  You feel sick, but somehow you need to get out there.  That isn't true at all though, and runs like this are the perfect reminder.

We GET to run.

Nobody makes us run, and if I really wanted to, I could use my free two hours to clean the kitchen or watch daytime television.  Instead, I get to run.  I can run.  Seriously, what a gift.  What a wonderful opportunity.

When I got home, I only had a few minutes to grab a drink and run out the door.  No shower for me, but as I've mentioned in the past, I consider showers prior to picking up the kids optional.  Man, they'll hate me when they're teenagers...

On a side note, I need a travel drink container that is good for chocolate milk or smoothies.  Since I'm often grabbing and going, it would be great to have something I can just pour my recovery drink into and have on the way.  Any suggestions?


  1. Glad you pointed this out because I choked a little on the "just doing 12 km". That is LONG to me! Sounded like an awesome run. If only I could get to the point where even a few minutes of running felt like that!

    Fall color is just starting here. I noticed this morning on my drive that there is much more color than last week and it will probably only be another week or two when my favorite leaf watching spot will be ablaze. Time does fly!

  2. Fall is the best season to run, it is my favorite too. Nothing better than a workout under a light rain, I love it!
    Your post is a tribute to the running.

  3. I noticed the changing leaves on our tree and cried a little bit! Not ready for winter yet!

    I think the travel cup thing that we use for smoothies is from either Costco or Superstore. They came in a pack of 4. They sorta look like this-


  4. The FlyLady drinking bottle is the best I've found. The outside of the bottle stays dry and it keeps the drink cold for ages.