Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three things Thursday - The school edition

1. This year, both Spud and Sweetpea are going to preschool

One advantage to having my kids so close in age is the fact that they only a year apart in school.  So, this year, Spud will be going to his second year of preschool while Sweetpea goes to her first year.  Spud goes four half days, and Sweetpea goes for 2.  They both LOVE it already.  Now, where this benefits me is it means I have 2  afternoons a week where they are both in school.  Accounting for pickup/dropoff times, I have about two solid hours each of these times.  Sadly, it's not during a lane swim time, but it means easy to fit in training time for the bike and run!

2. Along with school comes illness

The kids brought home a cold.  They were both sick for about two days.  Now, they're feeling better and I feel lousy.  I'm hoping it's as short lived for me as it was for then.  Having said that, as Jessica pointed out on facebook, it happened after my "a" race.  I really can't complain too much.  In fact, it is also during a rare week when I planned not to "train", but just run or bike when I feel like it.  (The pool is still closed, so I'm not swimming till it reopens next week.)  The thing is, I wanted to run and bike today.  I was going to do a short brick just for fun.  I haven't ruled out some activity, but a nap is very tempting during that two hour time block today...

3. The other thing with school is the endless forms

I got sent home a stack of forms to fill out, once of which is the volunteer form (which I do plan on doing).  The positions are broken up into categories.  One of those categories is "healthy eating programs".  Sounds great, right?  Under that classification, they have "Pizza Fridays".  Really?  Under "healthy eating".  I don't have a problem with the pizza fridays themselves.  If a kid is bringing a healthy lunch four days a week, having pizza once a week is not such a big deal in most cases.  But, don't refer to it as "healthy".  Classify it as fundraising, because that is what it actually is.


  1. School should be about school, not about fundraising. I feel another rant coming on...

  2. Congrats to moving into the beginning of regaining some sense of "you" time. Mine are 3 years apart and I told a friend the other day the bonus to his craziness with his twins (born in April) is that at least he won't have 6 straight years of infants and toddlers like I did. My husband and I ran an errand today without kids (they were at home playing Wii only like 3 miles from where we were) and I was like "Hey, remember when we could do this pre-kids? We're almost back!" Sorry about the sickness - we've been fighting the fall snot too. Only one day with someone home (after puking at school - lovely). Comes with the territory for sure. Hope you get both some training and some naps in with the newly "free" time. I've been lamenting the fundraising crap with several friends lately. It drives us all bonkers! I could definitely RANT about it!