Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dealing with stress

How does stress affect your body?

How do you let stress affect your body?

Two very similar questions, yet they really are different.

First of all, I'm going to cut to the chase with this week's weigh in. I weighed in at 218.8 for a weekly weight loss of 0.0 and a total weight loss of 25.

I've promised to start asking "why?" when the numbers aren't showing me what I like.

So, why?

Well, I could say last week was a stressful week for me.

Or, I could say that I let myself get stressed over a situation and take over me.

I was waiting for news on a situation that was important to me. It wasn't any kind of life altering situation, and I had a back up plan if it didn't work out the way I wanted it to. Yet, I let it take over. I obsessed over it. I stopped doing other things that were important to me and let myself be consumed with waiting for a phone call.

I had a tight little ball in my stomach. Interestingly enough, I checked my weight during this time and it showed me as being up SEVEN pounds. If that isn't proof that I need to find better ways to deal with stress, I don't know what is.

The thing is, I couldn't control the situation. But, I could control my reaction to it. I could have taken the kids to the park or done a craft with them. I'm a strong believer in attitude, and making the choice to stop obsessing over something goes a very long way towards achieving it.

Hindsight is, of course, 20/20, but I'm working on it. I generally know how to get through these situations. Rather then analyzing it afterwards, it's time for me to start acting on it in the moment.


  1. You have such a great attitude! Recognizing and acknowledging your reaction to stress is 95% of the battle!

    I like what you said about taking control of it, rather than letting it control you. Something we're all capable of but is so hard to follow through on.

    Congrats on maintaining your weight through a stressful time. Weight loss and management is about so much more than just weekly losses - you're doing so well and have such a fantastic approach!

  2. Could it be muscle? Or maybe you had too much sodium? When I get stressed out I work out, play the Wii, read, watch a classic 80's movie, or call a friend whom I have not talked to in a bit. Manis and pedis help too :)

  3. It's not muscle or salt. It's the fact that I let myself get worked up and had a mediocre week. It wasn't horrible, which is probably why I didn't gain.

    It also wasn't great. I had too much processed foods, not enough vegetables and went over my calorie range a couple days.

    Did I deserve to lose weight? No. But, for me it's important to examine why.

  4. ahh cortisol.
    Ive been struggling with the stress too (blogged about my strategies on tuesday) and Im not sure its a help but its not in your head ;)