Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekly weigh in and goal update

Sometimes the scale gives you what you deserve. Sometimes it doesn't.

This week, the first couple days I didn't do my tracking until the end of the day, surely forgetting things and leaving them out. Then on the weekend, I attended a party where I did not stay on track. I let my 2 year old daughter lead me astray. She's got quite a sweet tooth and managed to get to the desert table to grab cookies far too many times to allow her to keep them. Once her little hands got onto them, I didn't feel like I could put them back and felt bad about wasting them, so... Yep.

I need to remember that the food is even more wasted on my thighs then in the garbage.

Despite that, I've been rewarded this week with a weigh in of 217.6, for a weekly loss of 1.4, and a total loss of 26.4.


I've been having trouble with some of my goals though, which I listed here.


The tracking I've got back on track, and going over my calories was just a blip, not a regular thing. However, foodwise, I can not seem to get sufficient calcium. Since the beginning of September, I've only had 4 days where I met the daily requirement. On average, I tend to get about 70% of what I should, and that is with making an effort to have yogurt, cheese and occasional milk.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to supplement. I am very much a fan of getting required nutrients from food, but it just isn't happening, and I don't see that changing with my diet. Dairy foods have a tendency to be fairly dense in calories, and while I include them in a balanced diet, I don't think it will work for me to increase them even more.

Time to pick up the supplement.


I have thoroughly failed in my goal of biking 3 days a week. I've underestimated the effect that the weather has on me. I have no problem getting out and running in cold rainy weather, but I can't seem to bike in it. Part of it is the fact that biking generally means bringing my kids along in the chariot.

Okay. Even that isn't a good excuse. It's fairly easy to bundle them up and put the rain shield down. I just don't like biking in the rain. I also don't have the proper clothing to do so, and I'm unwilling to spend the money on clothes that I intend to shrink out of.

There. I'm being honest. Wimpy, but honest.

On the other hand, I'm running more. I'm doing more distance one run per week and I've added a fourth run since I decided to start training for a 10k. And, the pool reopens this week so I can go back to getting my 3 swims in! Yipee!

I've decided to be lenient on myself when it comes to achieving the biking goal. This week, the weather is supposed to be looking up, so I'm optimistic that we'll get out with the bike a few times.



A bit dramatic, maybe.

I actually have been keeping my kitchen cleaner then usual. The dishes are generally close to being caught up, and the kitchen is in an actual clean state multiple times a week. I'd like to get to the point of it being clean every morning when I get up though. I think it would be good for my mental health.

As for unpacking boxes... Okay, I'm a procrastinator. I have walked into the storage (aka box) room a few times with good intentions and felt completely overwhelmed. I just need to dive in and do it though. The goal was only one a week, but I'm going to try to make up for some of the missed ones.


I've had an okay month so far. Despite the goals I need to work on, I had a great race, and am super happy with my running. I may actually be developing a running addiction. I've gotten better with my tracking and feel like I'm doing really well right now.

I wouldn't say I started my month off with a bang, but I'd like to finish it that way. To lose almost a pound and a half during a mediocre week was impressive. What might I lose if I have a series of really strong weeks?


  1. I think you're doing great! It's definitely a good feeling to lose weight during a week where you may have slipped up once or twice. There's a lesson in there somewhere - allowing small treats on a casual basis is totally okay, and I expect it will be easier to maintain weight loss if you've done this throughout the journey.

    I don't like biking in the rain either... but walking/running/standing in the rain is awesome!

  2. We gained it a pound at a time, and that's how we lose it. Over 25 pounds down is very impressive. A little tweaking and you'll really pick up some momentum.

  3. Oh I read allot of good stuff in this post. Weight lost, Oh Yeah! Running & loving it, sweet! Conscious of what food needs you have, smart!

    Keep on shrinking Deb!