Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm not going to exercise anymore

So, when you think of exercise, what comes to mind? Hours spent in the gym, pedaling away on one machine or pushing iron on another? Watching the readout to see how many calories you've burned? Doing whatever you can to break a sweat and get your heart rate up?

I've decided I'm done with all of that. It doesn't appeal to me.

I've had an epiphany.

I have suddenly realized that I am now one of those people that needs to run, swim or bike. I crave it. One of those annoying people for whom cardio is like a drug. One day, I'll even look like it. ;)

I think the moment I became one of those people was when I stopped exercising and started training. I don't run because it burns calories. Quite frankly, I don't trust the computers that tell me how many calories I burned anyways. I believe that you can be very successful losing weight without ever breaking a sweat. In fact, I even think it would be easier in many ways.

I train because I want to do something, accomplish something. And once I do it, I want to start doing it better, faster, further. That's why I need to run and do it at 5:00am. That's why I sacrifice sleep in the evening to swim laps. Because I keep finding myself capable of doing more then I ever thought possible.

There's no drug that can beat that feeling.

It's been 4 months and 10 days since I set myself a goal of doing a triathlon. Since then I have gone from being terrified of deep water to swimming over 20 laps without a break. I started out running 1 minute at a time and have now run as much as 8 km (5mi). In those 4 months I have become a new person.

The day I set that goal, I said "I am setting a goal that I don't know if I can complete. But, I do know one thing. This time I'm going to try. Actually try."

Today, my only regret is that triathlon season is over and I have to wait so long until I can do my first one. Today I would say:

I know that I can complete this goal. And I am going to tri. Actually tri.


  1. I love that! Truly I want to have that attitude and feel that way too someday! When you said "I want to start doing it better, faster, further." I thought of the opening theme to "The Six Million Dollar Man"... do you remember that show? (I may just be too old) But you are like that 6 million dollar WOMAN (aka the Bionic Woman). Good for you. I am looking up to your "training" ethics and energy girl!

  2. Wow Deb! What a great epiphany to have. I think it's amazing that you've managed to make this part of your life and just keep going farther.

  3. I want to crave exercise! I am just starting. I weigh 15 lbs. more than you, after getting under 200 and vowing never to get near that number again. And here I am starting over. Well, this time I know more and I am clearer. I am following your blog. Drop by and say hello at http://www.waitingtolose.blogspot.com
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Wow. This post really spoke to me Deb!! I have been totally losing motivation with my running, and I think it was b/c I wasn't focused on anything except losing weight.

    Reading this has been really inspirational!!

  5. Definitely those counters on gym equipment are bunk... bunk I say. Simple rule, you have to exercise. Simpler rule, you have to enjoy it or you wont do it. So, if the training you crave is where you will get teh exercise you need; you've all but won. Now you just gotta do it & have fun!

  6. I spit out my coffee when I read the title of this post on Facebook this morning!!

    I feel the same way - "Training" is much more fun than "Losing Weight!!"

  7. Oh, Deb, you are so going to tri!!

    You know that I think that your athletic accomplishments have been AMAZING!

    Your title didn't fool me, either. I knew what you meant! No way would you give up the activities you've added to your life. No way.

  8. very sweet post. I look forward to the day that I don't "exercise" but run because I LOVE it because I crave it! Great job!

  9. Great post!!

    Race season is over, but tri season is never over! Keep it up!!