Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The materialistic side of me

Things I want:

Just to show the change in me, this was top of my want list a mere year ago:

What's on your want list right now?


  1. This was almost my EXACT SAME wish list a year ago!! I thought it would take me ages to get it all (especially the bike and garmin), but all I'm missing now is the cadence sensor and skirt! And the skirt is on its way!!

  2. I have that Kitchen Aid and it's worth every cent! I love how so much of your want list is about exercise...oops you're not doing that anymore! ;)


    I saw one run past me the other day and it took all I had not to run after the gurl and take it :)

  4. My wishlist includes a new bicycle, backpack and a handheld GPS. I suspect Santa Claus will bring the GPS, but I'm probably on my own for the other two!!

  5. LOVE my running skirt. By far the most comfortable of all skirts I've tried. LOVED my Trek. Mostly love my Garmin.

    I could use a mixer too though. Imagine the great breads and muffins you could make! YUM. All clean, no junk.

  6. I want a running skirt soooo bad! I love their pink plaid one, and I definitely want one of those garmins!

    Love the blog, Im a new follower :)