Friday, September 24, 2010

When you're sick...

How does it affect your workouts?

I feel horrible. I woke up feeling kind of stuffy and off. I started feeling a bit worse as the day went on. One thing I've been doing well on is avoiding the comfort foods. Instead, I've been having comfort tea - about 5 cups so far.

The thing that is killing me is, I don't want to skip my workouts. I was supposed to swim tonight, then run tomorrow and Sunday. Possibly a swim on Sunday as well.

Now, at 3:00 in the afternoon, I am feeling worse again. A swim is not the least bit appealing. Not to mention that the lane swim doesn't start until 8:00 pm, and I suspect I'll be going to bed around that time. And I can tell you, if I feel like this tomorrow, I won't be running.

It just annoys me. I know that you have to respect your body and it's limitations. When you're sick, you get a different set of limitations imposed.

But, I haven't missed a single run I had planned to do, since starting C25K. Not one. When I plan to run, I run. When I plan to swim, I swim. I want to do it. I need to do it.

But, I want to be able to breath, and I don't need my head to explode.

You also have to have balance in life. Extreme attitudes aren't a good idea. Missing one run doesn't mean you're quitting. It means something got in the way, or you let something get in the way. It doesn't mean you can't just start back up.

This is kind of a whiny post. Whiny posts get on my nerves.


I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm hoping I can still do my long run on Sunday, regardless of what else I choose in the next couple days. My 10K race is only 6 weeks away.

Send your healthy vibes this way.


  1. Ah Deb, so sorry!! I didn't see this as whining - I just felt sorry for you. Feeling lousy is the pits and even more so when you're so motivated to continue something healthy, but just aren't able. Maybe you just need to give in to for 24 hours or so and see what happens. What are you thinking? Virus, sinus or just a plain ole nasty cold?

  2. I hope you feel better! I have been loading up on vitamin c because everyone has been getting sick lately. I usually try a neti pot and green tea when my immune system is down.

  3. Oh no!! I hope you feel better soon! I have found that since I have started consistently working out, I don't get as sick as often. As soon as I take a break (like a month) I get sick.

    When I do get sick, I usually don't workout. I totally understand how you feel though- you don't want to break the habit and it is something you enjoy so you want to do it.

    However I view it as my body's way of telling me to take a break so I do. I find I get rid of my sickness sooner if I rest ASAP

  4. Take care & get well. Myself, when sick I shut it down, no exercise until ai at least start to feel better. Rest speeds recovery from illness it seems. But that may just be me. Do take it easy if you do decide to exercise while sick. Get well!

  5. Feel better! Take care of yourself. The running and swimming can take the break. You don't want to be out there feeling bad and having poor form and getting injuried. That would have you out longer than a cold.