Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three things Thursday

1. I had a great run this morning

It was a fabulous feeling. After a disappointing run on Tuesday, I really needed it. Today, I felt like I was flying along and I knocked off 6km (3.7mi). It wasn't so long ago that I was still working towards 5km (3.1mi) and now I do more then that a few times a week. I've started sprinting the last bit of my runs. After all, I need to practice sprinting to the finish line.

2. I haven't been drinking enough water

This used to be a habit I took for granted. I've always been a great water drinker. I'm not a fan of most other beverages and I really enjoy my water.

I've been keeping my water consumption lower before runs and swims though. I hate the feeling of having too much sloshing around in my stomach. I've also been watching the consumption before bed. My children finally sleep through the night semi-regularly, so I don't want to have to get up just to pee.

What I need to do is concentrate more on keeping well hydrated throughout the day. I may not want too much in my stomach for training sessions, but the fact that I do those sessions makes it even more important that I am hydrated.

3. I've been getting a cramp in my foot while swimming

Any swimmers experience this or know anything about it? Every few swims, I start getting a cramp in my right foot. It's enough that I can't keep swimming, so I certainly find it concerning. It's usually towards the end of my swim, so after I've been going for half an hour or more.

Any idea what's causing this? I eat lots of bananas. I'm actually wondering if it might be partially related to the hydration issue?

It is something I've got to figure out. In the pool it's one thing, but in open water, it's worrisome.


  1. So excited for you and your running!! I love reading posts about great runs!! (And I'm super jealous since I can't run right now!)

    I'm with ya on #2 - I really struggle with hydration during the day.

    I sometimes get a cramp as well but no idea what its from? I never considered hydration, I actually thought it might be from the way I hold my foot ??

  2. Foot cramp in the water huh, seems odd. Maybe you are mutating into a fish like water beaing, say a mermaid? Ok, that was lame...

    Water is a trick for me too, I really don't like going to the bathroom every 45 minutes. The decor in there is nice, but, not that nice.

  3. I have trouble with water too. It's really embarassing to have to run to the washroom every 15-20 minutes at work. I should probably try to drink SOME water every day though - I just don't like it.

  4. Hydration during the week isn't hard for me- I just have a water bottle on my desk all the time. It is the weekends that are tough for me because I am not sitting in one place for 8 hours a day. How about having water bottles in the rooms that you spend the most amount of time in each day?

    I used to get bad foot cramps also. I usually bring Gatorade to the pool with me since this is what was recommended to me. I also try to make sure I am not pointing my toes- your feet should be neutral.