Monday, November 22, 2010

For the record, I'm hardcore now.

So, if you've been reading my blog this past week, you may have noticed that I've been doing a lot of whining about the weather and not a lot of running in it. Today, I changed that.

Today, the temperature out there is a cool -20c (-4f) with a windchill of -30c (-22f). Today I ran - outside.

I dropped the kids off at a sit this morning and came home. I had to check my email, and then I looked at the kitchen. It really needed to be cleaned.

Um yeah...

I decided to suck it up. I got all my outdoor clothing ready and hopped on the exercise bike to warm up. One thing is for sure, if I'm going out there, I'm not walking to warm up. I'm running the instant I leave the house, so that I don't freeze anymore then necessary.

I borrowed a face mask I gave to my husband for skiing, so I looked a bit like a bandit, aside from the red neck warmer.

I put my newly acquired yak trax on my shoes so I wouldn't slip and I headed out.

Before I went out, I told myself that I only had to do 1 km. Today was about getting out there, not doing the distance. In the end, I did 2 km before I came home for a warm shower.

It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, although I do need a warmer jacket.

Can I be considered hardcore for running in that temperature?


  1. YES!! You are definitely hardcore!! Nice work sucking it up and getting out there!

    The BEST winter gear I ever bought is a face/neck warmer from Running Room - it has a mesh breathing whole for your nose and mouth that is SO much more comfortable than the regular fleece ones.

    Good idea to spin before heading out - I'm stealing that idea tonight!

  2. Yes, definitely.. You are hardcore..

    and your outfit makes me think you are a ninja.. sorry, i like ninjas.. lol.. Good for you, in running to run, not for any distance or time.. I've heard that those kind of runs keep ya going.. :)

    Good luck on that kitchen, btw.. ;)

  3. Definitely hardcore!!

    How were the YakTraks? I suppose I should buy a pair so I don't slip while being hardcore!

  4. Way to go, Deb! Love the pic! Gonna get my first taste of it this coming Saturday morning. Have a 12.8 mile hike scheduled and temps are predicted to be in mid-20's when we start. Hopefully, no precip!

  5. Props hard core girl! I am so going to buy myself some winter outdoor running gear. I've been spoiled by quite mild evenings thus far, but the cold is coming. Congrats!

  6. Of course you're HC! More so than Haute Runner... she skipped yesterday and is spinning in the basement right now :)
    I like your warmup idea, I might have to try that next time. Pray for the Chinook this weekend! Supposed to get nicer by friday

  7. Dear gods, yes, that's totally hardcore.

    We dont' get anything LIKE that kind of cold in New Zealand (or at least, not in my part of it), so I can't imagine what it would be like to have to motivate myself to get out in it.

    You're a total inspiration!