Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekly weigh in and goals

This week I weighed in at 205.8 pounds, for a weekly loss of 2.2 and a total loss of 38. I'm nearing two big milestones. First of all, the 40 pound loss mark is within reach. Then, getting below 200 and entering onederland isn't far behind.

Last week, my goal was to get back to weighing and measuring all my food. Um... yeah... Okay, I kept this goal up barely at all. My kitchen scale has a dead battery which I had meant to replace and didn't get around to. And, my measuring cups? Well, I just didn't use them.

Having said that, I did get back to a point of being aware of my serving sizes. I started to realize that I was had been eating too large of portions on some of my regular foods, and I can tell that without measuring. Despite the fact I didn't make this goal at all, I'm not going to make this my goal again for next week. I am going to replace that battery, and I am going to start periodically measuring my food, particularly the ones I have more of a tendency to go overboard on.

I also gave myself a new calorie range last week. I dropped from 1600-2000 to 1200-1600. I must admit that I lived near the top of that range most days, and went over it the day of my long run. I may consider adjusting it, but I'll give it one more week before I make that decision. It's a balancing act for me to eat enough to sustain my training while still losing weight.

So, my goal for next week? Stretching.

I tend to skip stretching a lot of the time because I find it boring. I know there is mixed research about it, and some of it even hints that stretching isn't always necessary. Stretching does make a difference for me though, and that's what really matters. I notice that I get less stiffness in my muscles when I stretch following a run. I also need to start stretching my arms following swims. So, this week, I'm committing to doing at least a few (yeah, set the bar high...) stretches after every workout.

I have 4 more weigh ins this year, and 6 pounds to go before I hit onederland!


  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one who didn't stick to my weekly goal!! I'm bad for stretching too. We'll have to help each other ;)

  2. Stretching, great reminder. i am feeling the pain from not stretching yesterday before putting that treadmill to work. DOh!

    Milestones are there to be had, so cool you will have two had in the oh so near future!

  3. I used to be bored by stretching. And doing core. So I didn't do them well, and I didn't do them often. Then I started blocking out other stuff. I started thinking about it, and paying attention to what I was doing, how it was feeling, how I was breathing. I figured if I was going to do it at all, I might as well take the couple extra minutes to relax a bit, and pay attention to what I was doing.

    As an example. A simple stretch, bending over to touch your toes to stretch out hamstrings. Until recently actually touching my toes was a red letter day, since most of the time I couldn't. Not even close. Then my yoga teacher explained how to do it properly and why. There's much more to it than I thought. Now touching my toes is nearly routine, and I'm starting to dream of knuckles on the floor. I find that I'm intensely focussed on what my knees are doing, how my hams feel, my balance, and what's going on in my core. Bored no longer!

  4. So close to your under 200 goal! You will be there in no time!

    I also tend to skip stretching... thanks for the reminder. It is especially hard after running outside and the last thing I want to do is stretch outside. I usually get sidetracked once inside!