Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not one piece - Halloween aftermath

It's now two days past Halloween. Normally for me, this would mean dealing with the aftermath. Too many candies consumed and a (smaller then it should be) pile left there still tempting me. The sugar running rampant in my system and making me want more, more, more...

Not this year.

This year, I haven't had a single candy. Not one mini chocolate bar, not a caramel candy, not one chocolate bar... Oh wait, I already said that. Yep, the mini chocolate bars have always been my Halloween drug of choice. Sounds easy, you say? After all, I didn't give out candy. But, I did have two very cute candy collectors:

Spud was absolutely obsessed with the idea of trick or treating. Ironically, the kid doesn't even like most candy and chocolate. The joy of it for him is in going to houses, saying trick or treat, roaring his lion roar. Sweetpea is happy enough to eat any sweets put in front of her, but fortunately also likes healthy food, so does fine as long as not too many sweets are in front of her.

Sweetpea was tired, and only lasted a few houses before we dropped her back at home with Daddy, where she promptly fell asleep.

After a long time trick or treating with Spud, he ate half a little box of smarties and was satisfied. I took a moment and looked at the pile of loot.

"Do I allow myself to have just one?" I asked aloud.

My husband, who sometimes acts as my conscience when I've lost my own, answered my question for me. No. He reminded me of the fact that I'm running my first 10k race in less then a week. I don't want to screw around with my nutrition and go off track again.

He was right.

That moment of craziness where I felt like I simply must eat some of that chocolate passed quickly. Now, two days later, it's just about gone. If I had gone for it and had "just one"? Well, we all know it wouldn't have been just one.

I'm all for occasional treats and special occasions if it works for you. Let's be honest though: there isn't anything special about Halloween candy. As chocolate goes, it's the cheapest, lowest quality stuff out there. Not worth an indulgence. You also have to be honest about whether it works for you. If you can't have just one, don't have any.

So, moving forward...

I drank a lot of water yesterday, and interestingly found myself very thirsty even with the large quantities I was getting in. Makes me wonder if I had just gotten so used to ignoring those signals.


  1. WOW! Really? Not one piece? That is amazing? You are awesome, I wish I could say the same!

  2. Good for you!!! And that is just the sweetest pic of your little girl sleeping!

  3. Holy smokes Deb!! That is some crazy willpower! Good for you - I can only avoid it if I can't see it. If there's chocolate in my house, I obsess about it until its gone!! Yours is a much healthier approach!

  4. Congrats on holding back! I gave in... many times.

    Your kids look so cute in their costumes!! I love seeing all the kids dressed up each year.