Thursday, November 25, 2010

Three things Thursday

1. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers and friends!

We had Thanksgiving over a month ago here in Canada, so it's just a regular day for us. I hope that you all enjoy your day and your feasts in whatever way you've chosen to do so!

2. We're getting a break in the weather!

At 7:15 am, the temperature is already at -8c (18f) and it's supposed to go up to +1c (34f). I'm super excited! I'm going to take the kids for a walk after Spud finishes preschool, and am planning to get an outdoor run in with the chariot.

3. My husband asked me to make a Christmas list for him

Almost everything on it was related to running and triathlons. My Christmas lists used to be mainly kitchen gadgets and small appliances. He's lucky that I'm not at my final size yet, since it meant I restrained myself from putting clothing or a fuel belt on the list.


  1. :) you should post your Christmas list. I love looking at other peoples.

  2. Yeah post your list!! I'm LOVING today's weather! Too bad I have a job I have to go to and won't be able to enjoy it. Here's hoping it sticks around for our run on Sunday!! Which you're coming to, right????

  3. I am thankful for so much, getting healthy in 2010 is near the top of my list behind family & friends.


  4. Happy Canadian version of Thanksgiving !!

  5. I also asked for some running/tri stuff for Christmas!

    Hope you get spoiled!!