Friday, November 12, 2010

Go big or go home

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Wednesday I started asking myself "what next?" What's my next step in my racing life? I've done a 5k, and a 10k. I have plans to do both of them faster. Both of those will be accomplished by March.

Then there's triathlons. When I set a goal to do a triathlon last spring, it was with trepidation. I did not run or swim - at all. To dream of doing a triathlon was huge. To plan to do one seemed even more amazing. My intention was to do a sprint triathlon. (5k running, 20k biking, 500 metre swim). Small distances to some, but a huge accomplishment to a non-runner with a fear of deep water.

Initially, doing triathlons was intended to help with the weight loss. No more. Now, I'm losing weight so that I can run and do triathlons better. My entire mindset has shifted, and it's the kind of shift that is life changing.

One of the comments on Wednesday came from Jen. She told me "I think you're going to be disappointed if you only do a sprint tri this year. You're definitely capable of more". True words. Thank you Jen.

At the time I set the goal, it seemed ambitious. Now, I regularly do all of those distances and more multiple times a week. Okay, I'll admit I'm less trained on the bike, but I can still ride the 20k, with 90 pounds of kid and chariot behind me. When I ride without pulling the trailer, I feel like I'm flying.

So, what now?

A spring half marathon.

A fall Olympic length triathlon.

I'll still do my sprint lengths... to train for the Olympic.

Go big or go home.



    Jen is totally right. Look how far you've come!

  2. Definitely go big! What are the distances on an olympic triathlon? Is that the one with a 26.2 mile run or is that an ironman?

    Also I tagged you in a little question game!

  3. HOOORRAAAYY!!!! I really think this is a great decision!! I'm SOO excited for you!!!

    Now go sign up for Banff before it sells out!

  4. so inspiring! i look forward to reading about your adventures :-)

  5. Will be fun to follow your training!

  6. WOW! The transformation of Deb!

    You might be shrinking, but your attitude is expanding!!