Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting outside in the cold

I have to admit a problem I'm having. It's going outside. Now, I have been going outside for various reasons every day, but I'm avoiding it when I can. The temperature has been around -20c (-4f).

The first day it snowed, I dressed myself and the kids up in full winter gear to go for a walk and make snow angels. Since then, I shudder at the thought of being outside longer then going from the car to whatever location. I don't know what my problem is. Intellectually, I'm well aware that proper clothing can make any temperature comfortable, but I feel like my bones are just cold.

Then there's running. I swore I was going to run all winter long. And I am. But, so far, it's been at the indoor track. Sure it's boring watching the walls go around, but I pump up my music and go. Somehow, I need to convince myself that I can run even in the frozen wasteland. I don't know if I should just dress all the way up, including snow pants. Then go for a run and over heat. Maybe then I can convince myself that I will be fine running in this weather.

I'm scheduled to run a 5k race Dec 31. Now, to be quite honest, I'm hoping for a chinook (a weather phenomenon we get here where we can warm up 20 degrees or more.) Fact is though, I don't get to schedule the chinook, so I better be prepared to do it, even if it's frigid.

So, what are your winter running strategies? How much clothing do you wear, and how do you convince yourself to get out there?


  1. Get a dog!! Then you have to go outside at least once a day anyway, so you might as well run!! I also treat myself to a hot chocolate or london fog on particularly nasty days. And it feels great when you're done!!!

  2. My winter running strategies:
    - wear gore-tex trail runners and wool socks
    - Breathable stuff only - layers, layers, layers.
    - No cotton
    - headlamp (got one!)
    - Pray for a chinook!

  3. Gota tell you at those temps I would have a very hard time. :) I've been getting out so far and as usual it is my goal to get out more this winter, but I would say the coldest I've done is low 20's (f). At least you just haven't stopped running.

  4. It's the getting dark at five-freaking-thirty that's been hurting me, but for the cold, I just bundle up. And look forward to my hot shower afterwards.

  5. I am not much help since I have been running on the treadmill since the nasty weather blew in. My first winter running experience has been my last so far!!