Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekly weigh in and mini goals

This morning I weighed in at 208.8, for a weekly loss of THREE pounds and a total loss of 35.

Now, as pleased as I am with that, my first thought was: "am I dehydrated?"

Don't get me wrong; I don't mean to take away from the fact that I'm doing well and I'm getting this weight to move now. I expected a loss. But, for me, 3 pounds in a week is a LOT. I may be over 200 pounds, but I'm also a 5'11 woman, so I'm not even obese at that weight and getting closer to healthy. Not enough that I'd expect big drops like this.

I also did a 13 km run yesterday, my longest yet! Having said that, looking back, I don't think I actually did a lot of water drinking after my hour and a half of running. It was a busy day. We took the kids to the pool and then there was the craziness of Halloween night with small kids.

Some of you may have noticed that I never set monthly goals for October. After a few months of setting goals, I felt like my lists were getting longer and longer, and meaning less. What I've decided to start doing now is setting mini weekly goals. Each week, I'll choose something to focus on: either an area I think I've been slipping in or something new I'd like to add to my routine.

Having said that, my goal for this week is to drink lots of water. A minimum of 3 litres a day. I like water. I don't mind drinking it. Lately, I've just become absent minded about it and haven't been doing it. I used to have a couple glasses of water along with everything I ate. I used to constantly be drinking from one bottle or another I'd have around. Somehow, I let those habits slip, and it's time to bring them back. This morning, I had a glass of water along with my usual herbal tea. I plan to add extra glasses into my routine, and in between it as well.

So, in conclusion, Onederland is coming closer, and I'm going to start drinking my way there.


  1. Great loss Deb! And congrats on the 13km run!

    I'm with you on the weekly mini goals - so much easier to stay focused and incorporate it into your life when you only have one thing to think about at a time. I think I'll join you on this one - I've been slacking in the hydration department as well!

    Great idea!

  2. I've followed you long enough to have confidence you aren't doing anything unhealthy, so enjoy your loss and don't question it! On the other hand, prepare yourself NOT to be discourage at next WI if you stay the same or perhaps, even show a gain.

    I love the ideas of the mini-goals - may try that myself for a few weeks.

  3. Congrats on the 3 pound loss Deb!!

    Awesome job on the 13k run! You will be ready for a half marathon before you know it!

    I am with you on the water intake. I like water, but I find it hard to remember to drink. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. With ya on the water. I find now that the weather isn't as warm out I'm not drinking it as much as I should. Its taking a real effort to make sure I get enough in me.

  5. Take the 3 pounds and run! Attribute it to the fact that you had a great week!

  6. Yay! I found another tall gal like me trying to lose weight!

    Congrats on the amazing weight loss. Don't question it, just go with it ;-)

    Here's to getting more water in.


  7. Congrats on the big loss, AND the 13K run!