Saturday, November 6, 2010

Race results

Just a quick post to share my 10k race results.

I felt great about the race and finished in 1:06:21.

The course was actually almost half a km long though. There was construction on part of the path, and they just detoured the race without shortening it anywhere else. According to my garmin, it was 10.46 km. I was not the only one who noticed it, so it wasn't a faulty garmin reading.

Had it actually ended at 10k, I would have finished in 1:03:39. Not bad for a first 10k! I'm still going to count 1:06 as my official personal record though.


  1. Wooohooo! That's an awesome first-time 10k result - heck, it's an awesome 10k result full stop, from my viewpoint, but then I'm not what you'd call a *fast* runner even in intervals!

    Well done on the PR, and on completing your first 10k.

  2. Awesome Awesome!
    You definitely Rocked it lady. COngrats.

  3. Great job, Deb! Hope you'll be posting some pictures.

  4. Whoohooo - a great PR indeed! Smiling wide here for you!