Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weigh in and mini goals update

This week I weighed in at 207.6, for a weekly loss of 1.2 and a total loss of 36.2. Not a huge loss, but I'm okay with it. Last week I had a large loss that made me think it was partly due to dehydration. This may have just evened it out.

This brings me to the next point. I've started setting weekly mini goals, and one week in I'm liking it. This week, my goal was to drink my water and I did great. I really enjoy water, so it was no hardship for me. I just had to make a point to keep filling up my glass or bottle.

For the coming week, my goal is going to be to get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is linked to obesity, and on a personal level, I have a much harder time controlling my cravings when I haven't slept enough. I also don't feel as good running and swimming when I'm exhausted. It affects just about every aspect of my life.

To achieve this, I've switched my workouts around. I no longer am going to run on mornings following an evening swim. It just didn't leave enough time in between to sleep long enough. It doesn't mean cutting out my runs and swims, just doing them on the same day, which actually puts more time between them. I'm hoping it will have the side effect of getting me back on my bike the other days.

I'm also going to make a point of going to bed by 9:30. That's right folks. 9:30. I think that officially makes me old.

At least I can be old and well rested...


  1. Those are great goals!! Totally do-able.

  2. Way to go! That's a great loss.

    I went to bed last night at 9:00. Nothing wrong with a good sleep!

  3. Best part of this post, you are changing things up as needed to get better. Even though you have made great progress, you continue to refine your plan. Good for you!

  4. you forgot thinner.. old, well-rested and thinner.. :)

    I feel old too, though, when I can barely make it to 10 pm.. Good job on switchin it up.

  5. YAY for weekly challenges!! Such a great way to stay focused! I tried a 10:00 bedtime a few weeks ago and found it really challenging, but not getting home until 7 or 8most nights is what makes it tough for me!

    Good luck!!

  6. *nods* - getting enough sleep is such a biggie for me. I don't even really have any excuses for it - it's not like I work incredibly late or have kids I need to look after. But so often, I look up and realise that the evening's slipped away when I was distracted with something else.

    I've even set an alarm for 8.45pm to remind me to stop whatever I'm doing and start getting ready for bed (yep, I aim for 9:30 too). And I keep ignoring it when it goes off because I "just want to finish this one thing..." :-S

  7. It's amazing how proper hydration and enough sleep makes a difference in training/weightloss.

    I really need to get to bed earlier too. This is why I can't do any workouts past 8:30pm or else I am wired!!