Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free cookies

This weekend I did a craft fair. Yes, on the side I sell ridiculously cute hair accessories for little girls. In the past, I've been weak at craft fairs. There's always somebody there selling baked goods. I usually neglect to bring sufficient food, and when it gets slow, I get bored, and the baked goods get really tempting.

This time, I successfully steeled my will against the baked goods and they weren't even that tempting. I kind of looked at them and went: "meh, not that great looking." I brought sufficient (healthy) food that I couldn't use hunger as a legitimate excuse.

What was tempting was the table of free refreshments (aka cookies). Why is it, that when something is free, we get this urge to take advantage? I mean, if I want or need a cookie, I have the financial ability to buy myself a box of them. There was nothing special about these cookies. I have no doubt I could find them in a box at the grocery store. Yet, for some reason, when it's free, my mind goes "better get it before it's gone".

For what it's worth, I also resisted the free cookies. Yet, I find it a very interesting gut reaction that I had. It's not like there's any shortage of cookies in the world - particularly mediocre store bought cookies. Why does my mind instinctually feel I must have it because it's offered free?


  1. I think it might just be a good excuse. Perhaps are brains have spent so much time searching for justification that it's a natural reaction. I really have no idea...but it makes sense in my head. ;)

    Cheers to you for resisting things you didn't really want. That's a big win!

  2. I'm totally the same when it comes to free stuff - especially during work morning teas. There was a day a couple of weeks back when I found myself thinking "OMG, I need to get some of that chocolate caramel slice now or I'll miss out!" - totally ignoring the fact that, right at that moment, I didn't actually *want* any. Scarcity mentality maybe?

    I second Kenz's comment - congratulations on resisting the siren call - awesome work :-)

  3. This is such a strong issue with me I wrote a post talking about it a while back. I've had to virtually eliminate trips to Sam's because I cannot resist the Demon Sample Pusher's (it's FREE food). I'm having to explore whether this is more about the food or more about money. Like you, I have the means to buy the good stuff so why does the idea of "free" draw us in?

  4. People are like that, no matter what you are giving away. Last weekend I was at this show and they were giving away poles that went in the back of your car to hang clothes on...people were want to take several...seriously how many people do you ever see with one of those in their car?!?!?!?But they were FREE! I think part of it is just a way to feel like you've gotten your money's worth.

    Way to go on resisting!