Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm back baby!

Last week was a rough week for me.  I dragged all week long.  I attributed it to being tired and run down from dealing with sick kids and a lack of sleep.  Then Friday, I woke up and felt horrible.  I spent most of the day in bed and I considered my parenting job for the day a success because my children didn't starve, nor play with knives.

Based on the way this illness ran it's course with Sweetpea, I expected to be completely out of the game for a couple days and partially out for a couple more.

Then Saturday morning rolled around and I was feeling a little better.  Not great, but enough that I felt like I could deal with taking Spud to his first skating lesson.  I even put a bit of effort into my appearance before we left.  (I live in a town after all, and there's a high likelihood of seeing people I know when I go out.)

As the day went on, I just kept feeling better.  I realized that I wasn't just laying in bed, but walking around the house.  Making dinner was no biggie for me.  I'd expected to still be in bed at this point.  By the evening I wanted to run.

I restrained myself, but when I woke up this morning on my own, it was with energy.  It's the first time in ages I've woken up on my own, rather then to an alarm or a child.  And, I am excited about training!  I've felt like it's something I "have" to do a lot of the time lately, rather then something I want to do.

Now, I'm not going to be a dummy.  I'm taking it easy.  I'm even treadmill running.  (It is going to be -29c (-20f) with windchill today.)  While I've run in that weather, when getting over being sick is not the time to do it.  I am still a bit congested, so I need to remember that I am not 100 percent.  I'll start with a walk, then a slow run and see how I feel.

But, right now, I feel great.  I'm back!

Just for fun, here's a picture of Spud in his skating lesson:

This is actually the first class of his second session of skating lessons.
While you're here, let me mention a friend that has just has started a blog.  Kelly is a person that has inspired me in ways I can't even describe.  We've been in and out of each other's lives since University.  She's just started running, and I know her journey will be exciting to watch.  Check her out at Surviving the Couch to K Program and show her how supportive the blogosphere can be.


  1. No fun about being sick, but it feels so great when you recover. Bummer there wasn't another nice day this weekend, but in the larger world I suppose it's just as well it came now. Calgary drivers forget about driving in the snow so quickly.

  2. Glad you are back at it! At least it didn't last too long.

  3. glad to see you're back at 'er!

  4. welcome back and I love spud skating :) he looks so hardcore

  5. So glad you are feeling better. Will check out your friends blog!

  6. Being sick and not being able to train always makes me anxious to get back into it too. Its cool how you felt that energy to run. However, understanding that you still have some recovery to do makes you a smart athlete.