Friday, January 6, 2012

Okay, I'll make one resolution.

Yesterday, I was dropping my mother off at the airport and she reminded me again that I need to take more pictures and forward them to family (particularly my grandparents).  It's something I already knew.  Despite the age of digital photography, there are large swaths of time when there are very few pictures of my kids.  I do think it's important to experience the world with your children rather then simply watch them experience it from behind a camera lens.  Having said that, there is a balance somewhere in the middle there, and I need to pull out the camera more often.

Then there's my blog.  My blog is important to me.  I've heard some bloggers refer to their blogs as a third child, and I won't go that far.  However, it's probably in the realm of a favourite family pet.  My blog helps me reflect on my journey.  It lets me share the steps.  It acts as an outlet for me.  It would be better if I had more pictures on it.

Now, I've got a couple excuses for my lack of pictures.  One of them is the camera situation.  We have (had) two cameras.  One is a big one with a 10x optical zoom.  While it's a nice camera, it's a pain to carry around, so generally I don't.

The other is a smaller camera, which I used to like.  However, the zoom on it didn't work anymore (probably from being dropped).  It could zoom in, but you had to turn it off to get it to zoom back out and sometimes it would get stuck midzoom and refuse to take pictures entirely.  There was also an issue with the  bit that closes over the lens, as it would get stuck halfway open (possibly from being dropped as well?).  Then, about a month ago, I did something really dumb.  In the place of the memory card, I accidently put a dumby memory card in (not an actual memory card, just the place filler for our laptop).  It wouldn't come back out.  Attempts to get it out left the camera in two pieces and when they were put back together, it was completely non-functional.

So, when I arrived home to find the purolator guy bringing me my late Birthday present, the timing was perfect...

It fits nicely in my hand.  And see the word "tough"?  This camera is built to take a bit more then my previous little camera.

As I stated before, I consider a resolution to be a decision to change a habit.  I think a lot of people mix them up with goals.  For example, one of the most common resolutions is to lose weight.  That's really more appropriate as a goal.  To cut out processed food and exercise more might be a resolution.

In this case, I'm making a resolution to take more pictures, post more pictures, and send more pictures to family.  In fact, for the next week, I've decided I should be one of those crazy people that is always taking pictures.  1. It's a good way to get into the habit of taking more.  2. It's a good way to learn my camera.  3. It's a good way to make sure I like the camera while I could still return it if it doesn't work for me.

So, a bit of crazy shutterbugness...

Admittedly, this picture of Spud was taken with the older big camera, but it's cute, so I'm posting it.  This was right after we told him we'd put the milk away if he kept acting crazy.  He got a little protective and said he looooves his milk.
Sweetpea just found Daddy and Spud in an early morning hide and seek game.
My kids (particularly Spud) LOVE this 3D snakes and ladders game.
Trying out the "portrait" setting.  The new camera doesn't make them smile naturally though.  
Even took a picture of Bella right before getting a spin in last night.  See the blog is still about triathlons!


  1. I love pictures (IRL and in blogs) and I should make a similar resolution!

  2. Im in the market for a bike. Any suggestions? I have never ridden a Marin.

  3. You are going to enjoy keeping to your NY resolution. Especially with you new camera. I use my phone a lot because it is handy, but I prefer my camera as the photos are much nicer.

  4. i am terrible for pictures in my blog as well! for whatever reason our photos take forever to download from our camera so i tend to just go with the occasional iphone pic. hey, a resolution for next year!!!

  5. Two things to consider with your bike:

    1) you probably don't need the reflectors on it. The added weight can have a profound impact, especially on the trainer:)

    2) In all seriousness, I highly recommend an air fan pointed at you at the highest setting while on the trainer. It is really important and necessary to get the most out of your trainer rides. The fan causes air movement will help on your body's thermo regulation - sweating can't do enough.

    PS: I have the Olympus tough too!

  6. New toys make for a great day. Wear out that shutter button and have fun!

  7. Great pictures!

    I agree with rockstar about the bike comments. I ordered an industrial fan from Amazon for ~$60. Two Walmart fans didn't really cut it. I'm thinking about ordering a second. Don't tell my wife, Amazon has been shipping me stuff the last 2 weeks :-).

  8. Great resolution!! I hope to do the same once I get my new (bigger) camera!