Thursday, January 12, 2012

What a difference a year makes

One year ago today, I wrote about my very first coached tri swim.  I still remember that day.  I was SO nervous.  I practically went into shut down mode beforehand.  Getting past that intimidation and going anyways led to me not only learning to swim better, but learning to push my barriers and believe in my ability to do more then I ever thought I could.

On Monday, we had the first session of the new year.  Rather then being terrified, I was excited.  Rather then being tightly strung, I was ready to work.  Despite swimming much faster and better then a year ago, I'm still in the "slow" lane.  The make up of the group has changed.  Less beginners.  I have no shame in being in the slow lane within a group of triathletes, many of whom are already Ironmen.  I had to laugh when Angie referred to the lane designations as the "fast lanes" over here and the "less fast lanes" on the other side.

Thank you for all the kind thoughts about Sweetpea.  She's still sick, but at least the fever is gone.  She's got a bit more energy, and the brightness is back in her eyes.  It seems like such a small thing, but the hardest part of seeing her sick was when I looked at her and her eyes were glassy and the brightness was missing.

A picture of Sweetpea from our family walk last weekend.


  1. Yay for Sweet Pea!!!

    The master swim class at the YMCA is free so there is no excuse not to go... except that I will feel dumb. Any advice?

  2. so glad she's feeling better and that's quite the reflection! swimming is something I really want to try but I haven't yet, for the same reasons. It's nice to read where you were and where you are now! Congrats

  3. I soooo don't have the guts to join a coached swim or anything like that. they allow water wings? Hee her.

  4. Awesome! I had a similar swimming issue getting in to tris. I actually tried to tri about 5 years ago and gave up after a couple trips to the pool. Two years ago I decided I wasn't going to give up.

    Glad your little one is feeling better. It is awful seeing them suffer.

  5. One of my fears of doing a tri is how I look in a swimsuit. How terrible is that? That should not even be a factor but I'm embarrassed to say that it is.

  6. Ah yes, what a difference a year can make. That's amazing!

    Glad Sweet Pea is feeling better.

  7. You have definitely come a long way!!

    Love the term "less fast lane!"

  8. you are my swimming inspiration!! still haven't signed up for lessons yet...eeek! lol!

    sweetpea is such a cutie!