Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our bodies are meant to move

 So, while I've tried not to whine too much, I've also made no secret of the fact that I've been sick.  Back to back illnesses.  I'm not really sure if I had two different bugs, or if there was a third one in there as well.  On top of that, sick kids and the attached sleep deprivation has made the last couple weeks a challenge.

Training fell by the wayside.  Until today, my last run was Tuesday - not two days ago, but one week and two days ago.  Truthfully, I've been incredibly inactive during that time.  I was barely getting up to make meals or do laundry, let alone train.

I've been feeling irritable, and achey.  Yesterday, a niggle started in my knee.  When I'd squat down to talk to the kids or pick something up from the floor, it just wasn't happy with me.  And, the knee was feeling off in general.  Concerning kind of off.  Like, not right.

So, today I had a run on the plan.  I was even feeling up to the run.  I was doing garmin testing, so the plan was laid out for me, but it was one that worked perfectly.  Ten minutes done four times, easy, steady running.  It kept me from going super fast, but was still a nice steady workout; perfect to get my body back into the routine.

And afterwards?  I felt more balanced then I have in weeks.  My knee (which was annoying me again this morning) feels totally normal.  So much for overuse injuries; it seems my body is more likely to throw nonuse injuries at me.  
After my run, feeling good.
And, because I'm taking more pictures, I remembered to bring my camera to the kids' last swim lesson.  Pictures of Spud are mostly splashing water and and a blurry head, but here's a cute one of Sweetpea.

Ironman World Champion 2036


  1. I'm going to totally agree with you here...when I was training all summer for the 70.3 I really had nothing that major that hurt, but when I slowed down and didn't do much from Oct-Dec...every thing just seemed messed up! I think slowly things are getting back to normal now.

    Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Glad you are back at it and feeling good! You got the sickness out of the way early so now it will be smooth sailing for your training :-)

  3. Yeah it's sooooo hard to get back at it after being sick, but it looks like it did you good! You look so happy (and healthy!) in your picture!

  4. i totally agree with you...our bodies are meant to move! love the big smile... :)

  5. Getting sick is a downer when we are trying to stick to some kind training plan. Isn't it amazing how our lives revolve around our training. When something out of the ordinary happens we always think about how we are going to have to rearrange the schedule.

  6. Oh I love the smiling pic of you :) I totally agree with you re: the never ending sickness!!!!! I feel the same way. I don't even think I should've run yesterday. I was coughing so bad after. I've never been sick this long and I'm healthier and more in shape then I've ever been - makes no sense. It must be kids. I'm blaming them anyways.

    Sweetpea is such a cutie I hope she IS the champ of 2036!

  7. Yes, they sure are!! Glad you had a good run after your forced break.

  8. I agree. I feel terrible when I'm inactive. I also get knee pain when I'm not moving lots.