Saturday, January 7, 2012

Modesty is optional

Yesterday evening was a treadmill run for me.  The great thing about training in your own basement is that it doesn't matter what you wear.  Generally, less is good, because it gets warm.  I can open the window in the guest room and let some cold air in.  I can also use a fan, but it still helps if I don't wear too much.  One nice thing is that I can wear clothes I wouldn't wear out of the house.

In this case, I have a pair of running capris I bought online.  They're great to run in.  Super comfortable.  Probably the best feeling running bottoms I've ever used.

They are also kind of transparent.

Then there's the sports bra.  I've always envied women that can get away with just wearing a sports bra while running.  That will never be me though.  Right now, I'm not happy enough with my weight.  Once I get down, I'm pretty sure there will be extra skin I want to cover up.  I'm okay with that.  But, when I run in my basement, I can wear my see through capris and my sports bra sans shirt.

And, now, since I'm making sure to take pictures, here's a couple from yesterday (don't worry, no view of the see through capris and sports bra.)

I love raspberries!  I can't wait for summer, when they'll be less expensive and taste better.
Alright, you can see a bit of the capris.  ;)  Here's my new running shoes on the treadmill.
Do you give up on modesty when you work out in your own home?


  1. yep, I usually look like a bum on my bike trainer. Bike shorts and just a plain white t-shirt. Funny see through story that happened to me. I was on a hotel treadmill last month wearing a white race shirt I received at a local race. As I ran and sweated I could see the shirt becoming see through in the hotel mirror. I was the only one in the room so no big deal but I had no idea the shirt became see though when wet and still wouldn't if I hadn't been traveling and seen myself in the mirror.

  2. Found you through a friend. I can already tell by this post I will love reading it.

  3. At home I'm lucky if I remember to put on anything other than the underwear I just woke up wearing. :)

  4. Yeah, that's probably my least favourite part about running on the treadmill at home, our workout room gets super hot too. I was thinking about stripping down a bit the other day but we don't have blinds on the window yet...

  5. I don't particularly have modesty issues, but there is such a thing as consideration for others when you're out in public. For instance, I have a blue and orange pair of bike shorts I won as a race giveaway. They fit great, but two drops of sweat and it looks like I peed myself. Not the best look for anyone.

  6. *blush* i've actually run in my underwear and a sports bra...i, like you, wish i could be one of those people who can wear just a sports bra and not be all over the place! i figure the bottoms that elites run are kinda underwear-like, right? that's my story and i'm stickin' to it. :)

  7. I have a treadmill at home that I never use except to hang laundry, however, I ride my bike trainer with close I wouldn't normally wear on a ride outside too.