Sunday, October 10, 2010


So, today the date is 10/10/10, which is pretty cool. Earlier this week, I decided that I would run 10km today. My training plan called for it anyways; I just had to make sure it fell today.

This morning, I was making apple pie (Happy thanksgiving!) and the thought occurred to me. There's 3 tens in today's date, not just one. Why not do 10 x 3? 10 km run, 10 km bike ride and 10 laps at the pool.

So, despite today being a busy day, I ran the idea past my husband. Then I left the house for my run while he stayed behind to watch the children and the pie.

I ran my 10 km, the second time I've done this distance. Today was easier, although that was probably due to it being a flatter route then last time. When I got back home, I wasn't nearly as exhausted as a week ago.

I then whipped up a quick crustless pumpkin pie and put it in the oven, again leaving my husband to watch it cook. In order to do double time, I rode my bike to the pool, doing a couple extra little loops on the way there. I got about 6.2 km on the way to the pool.

I then went in and hopped in the pool for my 10 laps. 10 laps is pretty doable for me. In fact, I never swim that few with my regular swim training. Having said that, after the run and bike ride, I was feeling a bit more drained then usual. I lost track a couple times, so I may have done lap 6 and lap 8 twice. After 10 (12?) laps, I hopped out of the pool, dried off, dressed and got back on my bike.

I headed home. This part of the bike ride was more of a cool down but I did concentrate on getting my heart rate up a few times. When I was approaching home, I realized I was going to be short by about half a kilometer, so I turned another way to add in a bit extra. In the end I managed to get 10.49 km on the bike ride.

So, I've now celebrated 10-10-10 in my own way. This evening, I'll be heading to my brother's house to celebrate Thanksgiving. While there, I'll enjoy a moderate portion of turkey and side dishes, then I'll finish it off with a small piece of crustless pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the other Canadians, and happy 10-10-10 to everyone!


  1. That's excellent! I am impressed you fit that all in on Thanksgiving!

  2. What a great way to celebrate! Happy Thanksgving!

  3. Awesome celebrating! Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. WOW Happy Belated 10-10-10

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore but you continue to inspire me.