Saturday, October 2, 2010

Okay. Gross.

So, while reading a discussion on a forum, I've recently discovered a not so pretty thing about triathlons.

Apparently, there is a large number of triathletes who, when they need to pee, will just do it.

That's right. While running or biking. You stand up on your bike while coasting, and just let it go.

I guess I'm looking at this from a perspective of somebody that never expects to place, but ewwwwww. I think, even when I'm doing an ironman, I will take the time to either stop at a porta potty or the very least the side of the road.

If the potential penalty for drafting on the bike wasn't enough, this is a very real reason to respect the no-drafting rule.


  1. I've always wondered how they get the pee out of their cycling shoes??

    When are you doing Ironman??

  2. I'm thinking 2014. That's the year my youngest will be in Kindergarten. That will give me 3 hour time blocks during the day which isn't long enough to get a job, but is long enough to do a decent amount of my training in.

    Yeah, it's a long ways off right now. :)

  3. That is just nasty! It makes sense, but....gross.

  4. Now rethinking purchasing a used bike......

  5. Most tri cycling shoes have drainage holes on the bottom- it's not just for water!!!

    I haven't done it before, but I know lots of people who pee in their wetsuits while swimming (GROSS!) and on their bikes. Never heard of someone just peeing while running but wouldn't surprise me!
    When I was doing my Oly I had to pee so badly on the bike but I wouldn't because under my seat was my kit with all my tire repair stuff. I did not want pee to get in that!!! I waited until a port-a-potty on the run!

  6. got to pee on the run / ride. Wouldnt want to lose a minute of your time would you?

  7. OMGosh. You just answered one of life's biggest mysteries for me. Sometimes I can't walk a mile without needing to pee, and I wondered what these long distance people did.

    P.S. Are you the deb who commented on my blog the other day? It didn't show a link. Of course there are only about a million of us deb/debbie/debby's out there...