Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three things Thursday

1. I was invited to a cookie exchange this week.

So it begins... The season. Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend, and it marks the start of a season of indulgence. In previous years, I was browsing my cookbooks by now to plan out which decadent treats I would create. We have to remember that Christmas is December 25. It's a day, not a season.

I politely declined the invitation. I don't need 10 varieties of cookies in my house.

2. I am officially a regular at the pool now.

The pool staff no longer asks to see my pass when I show up to swim. I say hi to the lifeguards. I chat with all the other regulars. I'm recognized and I belong there.

3. Produce handlers should treat fruit with more respect.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and wanted to buy some apples. Every single apple I looked at had bruises on it. Every one. Ridiculous. I have watched grocery store workers dumping fruit or literally tossing it into piles. I have no doubt that this is what happened this time. Not okay! I want unbruised apples.


  1. Good for your for declining on the cookie exchange. I wouldn't have been able to!

    Jealous about your pool time! I haven't been to the pool in awhile because the lane swim schedule sucks! I don't want to slim late at night, drive far or pay a lot. Guess that is too much to ask!

    I hear you on the bruised fruit and veggies. Drives me crazy.

  2. Yay, you, for turning down the cookies!

    Re: the holidays. I've been telling myself the same thing--Thanksgiving is one day, not 2 days leading up and 3 days afterward. Same with Christmas.

    Tuff, tho. Parties, dinners, you know. ugh.


  3. Funny how I have become very particular about my fruit since getting healthier. If it doesn't look near perfect, I put it back. Rude fruit handlers, lock them up and throw away the key! Too strong? Ok, make'em eat the bruised fruit I say

    Have a good weekend :-)

  4. Just wandered into your blog and this post hit a nerve. :) What I hate even more is when you take all this care to pick out fruit that isn't burised and the checker throw it around! GRRRRR!!!!

    Enjoying your blog by the way!

    And Happy holiday!