Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekly weigh in and a conversation with Spud about running

This week I weighed in at 214.2 for a weekly loss of 1.6 and a total loss of 29.6. I'm almost at that 30 pound mark!

It was a good week. I tracked and I trained. I struggled with a couple of my runs and nailed a couple others. I hit 10km in my training this week. To be quite honest, it was a real challenge. I'm trying to figure out my nutrition with those longer runs and I don't quite have it down yet. If I eat too much before, I feel sick while running. If I don't eat enough, I get dizzy and can't keep going. And, this is only at 10km. Eventually I'll be doing much more, so I need to figure out the foods that work for me.

What do you eat before your runs?

Now, on to a conversation I had with my 3.5 year old son...

Me: Sweetie, I'm going for a run now, so I'm going to be gone for a bit.

Spud: I wanna go for a run too Mommy.

Me: Oh, I know you do, and you're a really good runner, but you're a bit too small and Mommy's a lot bigger.

Spud: I'm not small. I'm a big boy Mommy.

Me: You're right Spud. Mommy shouldn't have called you small. You are a big boy. It's just that Mommy runs really fast.

Spud: Me too.

Me: I know. But, it's getting a bit late at night and Mommy's a lot older then you. How about we go for a run together another day?

Spud: Okay.

I don't try to push the running on him, but he sees me go out to do it often enough. When we're out for bike/chariot rides, he often informs me that he's going to run instead. Last week, he ran for a solid 0.5km. I'm just waiting until there's a chance to put him in a kids' fun run. I think he'll love it.


  1. a new runner in the making... awesome

  2. My 3 year old asks to come running with me all the time too! It's so cute. As soon as he sees me put on my running shoes, he goes to get his shoes too and he asks me, "You going for your exercise Mommy?". I always have to tell him he can come running with Mommy when he's bigger. He loves to sit on the porch and watch me start my run!

  3. I have totally had that conversation! way to spread the running love!

  4. You are setting such a great example for Spud! This is how we stop childhood obesity... it's by modeling good eating and exercising to our kids (and they see we love it - so they do)!! Way to go girl! Congrats on your weight loss so far too!


  5. You're such a great role model for your kids and so cute that he wants to go with you! And what great motivation for you to stay strong and healthy!

  6. Congrats on the loss; you're on a run now!!

  7. Spud, future Olympian, no doubt about it.