Friday, October 22, 2010

Smile and say thank you

Lately, I've fallen into an annoying habit. At least it annoys me when other people do it, so I think it's quite reasonable to say it's annoying when I do it.

The inability to take a compliment. I've got a few lately and I brush them off.

The compliment: "You've lost a lot of weight, hey?"
My answer? "I'm only at about 30 pounds now."

The compliment: "You're looking really good."
My answer?: "I still have a long ways to go."


Number 1, this is just annoying. When somebody gives a compliment, it's generally because they mean it and they want to make the person feel good. You're spitting in their face when you refuse to accept it.

Number 2, what is wrong with me that I am unwilling to accept a little praise? Do I feel myself unworthy of it? If so, I need to get a little bit of confidence and recognize the fact that I'm a pretty great person, and I'm starting to look it too.

Do you do this?

If so, practice with me. Imagine someone giving you a compliment. Smile. Then say, "thank you." Don't spit in their face.


  1. Oh I do this a lot, too!! It is so annoying to me that I do this, I can only imagine how it is for whoever it is giving me a compliment. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate the praise.

  2. Yeap, I do it too. I usually can catch myself but then I always feel like I need to compliment the other person too. Bah.

  3. I'm a compliment whore. I love giving and receiving them without shame. Accepting praise is tough at first, but it gets so much easier.

  4. I totally do that.. but working on it!! :)

  5. Haha. I did tend to do that. I think it was a knee jerk reacion from looking in the mirror and seeing how far I still had to go. When someone would tell me I'm looked good--I felt like I knew the truth and needed to share it! sheesh.

    I have gotten much better, tho. Now, I just say, "Well, thank you!"

    Thanks for stopping by my blog--the bodybugg IS just too cool!


  6. Alll the time! And it drives my hubby crazy.

  7. I think I just expect so much more of myself than others do ... it doesn't help, so I need to quit doing that and be proud of what I've achieved. Thank you, thank you very much.


  8. Yes, yes yes... I do the same thing. I don't know why I shrig off compliments. Well, perhaps I do in part. I've always felt a bit of shame for getting obese, I chose to after all. So, not that I am correcting that, having that in the back of my head does take a bit away from the celebration I ought to enjoy.

  9. I definitely need to practice this!